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Projekty i realizacje

(Polski) Motiv Home

(Polski) Meble Polska (Polski) Polska / (Polski) 2017

(Polski) Siemens Kuka

(Polski) ITM Polska (Polski) Polska / (Polski) 2017

(Polski) Numalliaance

(Polski) ITM Polska (Polski) Polska / (Polski) 2017

(Polski) Blickle

(Polski) ITM Polska (Polski) Polska / (Polski) 2017


(Polski) IMM (Polski) Polska / (Polski) 2017


(Polski) 2017

(Polski) Wrześniak Glasswork

(Polski) Ambiente (Polski) Polska / (Polski) 2017



We operate all over Europe and have experience in cooperation with the biggest exhibition organizers.



Professional designs

We offer professional designs and stand realizations – both small and large surfaces.


We build untypical, customized stands which are designed by using many unique solutions.

Biuro projektowe

We have a design studio and a carpentry with experienced work force.

Kompleksowa realizacja

We build stands in a comprehensive way: we produce, build, equip stands with furniture, graphics, multimedia and coordinate all technical aspects required by an exhibition organizer.


Our Clients have comfort and certainty of being in good hands. ach.

Zaufali nam

O nas

People with passion for trade fair projects – so daring to talk. We are a young, energetic company.

We work with clients and energetic people, experience in the trade fair.

We have a friendly attitude towards the world and people. This allows us to create the most important solutions
our customers. We listen in such a way that the needs and ideas of the stands are created, with every day unique history.

We are professionals. Efficiently and comprehensively run projects, flexibly respond to changes, reliably and on time. We provide knowledge and experience, we are always at hand.

We work with passion and commitment. We work to make our customers proudly visit their counterparts at the fairgrounds!


(Polski) Daniel Rybarski

(Polski) Daniel Rybarski

Nadzór techniczny
T: +48 698 645 466